Why Take Nudes When You Know They Will Be Leaked?

Every other day there pictures being unleashed on social media but heee its getting out of hand. There are photos of a married woman who has two kids that have been leaked. The mother is busy having fun, drinking and lungulaing in all manner of positions with her toy boy.

Well, it’s so evident she was posing for the nudes. But why guys are so willing to pose for pictures or getting filmed when engaging in lungula is beyond me.

Kalekye argues its all in the thrill of the moment, it’s like how you know you should not drink and drive but somehow you get buzzed and still want to get behind the wheel and go to the next joint.

Why do you think guys still take nudes when they clearly know that the nudes might be leaked? Join the conversation with Kalekye Mumo and I (Shaffie Weru)

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