Size 8 and Dj Mo

Celebrity gospel couple Size 8 and DJ Mo welcomed fans into their home when they posted a video of this weekend’s house party.

It is not clear what the party was thrown in celebration of, but going by the amount of food prepared for the party, it seems like it was a big affair.

From the video you can tell, it is an intimate meet up for the System Unit family, members of the hip and popular FBI dance crew can also be spotted at the party.

Size 8 takes fans through the menu in this interesting Facebook Live video. This is before she is interrupted severally by the guests who give funny anecdotes.

In the video you get a feel of the party atmosphere as the guests bond with the hostess, Size 8 and their beautiful adorable daughter Ladasha Belle. Size 8 also gets a tutorial on how to shoot Facebook Live videos by one of the guests.

The party guests are from the System Unit family that is run by Cross Over 101 host DJ Mo. It is a deejay academy that has ventured into nurturing new talent and giving a platform to not only showcase their skills but also grow.

The academy had a grand graduation party recently where 18 students passed through the rigorous 16-week course to emerge as trained spin masters.

The deck-master proteges have been given the power that appertains to their certificate course to share the same stage with other gospel deejay’s in the gospel ministry.

Size 8 then posted another video where popular blogger Xtian Dela makes an entrance into the party. Check it out below…