Nigerian-born American singing sensation Theodore Mobisson, popularly known as Jidenna, hopes to inspire African pride and bring people together through his music. The suave singer was born in Nigeria and moved to America when he was a child.

Jidenna is currently in South Africa to promote the release of his latest album, The Chief. In an interview at a swanky hotel in Joburg the musician spoke candidly about why he felt strongly about addressing the racial divide between people.


“If people come at me as somebody in between races, they are killing themselves. I am a human. It’s like my dad said, ‘don’t call yourself half black, and half white,’  if anything you’re twice, but you’re not half anything.  One of my jobs is to teach everyone that we’re all human. That’s what mixed people do,” Jidenna said.

The artist added that he hoped to help bring people together through his music and spoke openly about the inspiration behind the track ‘White Niggas on his album.


“White Ni**as encourages people to really put themselves in other peoples’ shoes,” he explained.

Jidenna said that growing up he had no intention of being a celebrity and all he wants to do through his music is make a difference.

“I always wanted to be a historic figure, but it has never been my goal to be a star. I hope people feel mighty as human beings and that my music brings people closer.”