Jimmy Gait says he is living in fear thanks to twin sisters who are stalking him. The aggressive stalkers demand to be married by the gospel singer.

Jimmy took to social media to narrate his ordeal, he said that the twin sisters started off by texting him before they made their way to his office to talk to him in person.

The gospel artist wrote  on Instagram.

There are twins who have been on my case to marry them and they have vowed that if I don’t marry them no one else will.

They have been sending me threats on text and promised to do anything to have me marry them. They say God has showed them it’s me and that’s final!.

The gospel singer says that the sisters started issuing threats after their demands fell on deaf ears.

In one of the conversations seen by Word Is, the ladies say

Jimmy tunataka kuongea na wewe please give us a chance.

In another message, the girls say, “Anyway, any consequence you will face never ask us.”

Jimmy Gait further claims the two sisters threatened that they would do something to hurt him or themselves if he continues to ignore their requests.

”They follow me everywhere and this is becoming increasingly threatening and so I have decided to write a statement at the police station so the matter can be handled from there. I can’t take the threats lightly!


He says people don’t understand how much it takes one to build a brand, and because they have nothing to lose, they may speak things that are false about him.

“I would want to speak on behalf of other celebrities because I know this has happened to them as well,” he said.