Jimmy Gait who has been in entertainment news headlines the past few weeks more pertaining to his health than new music releases is back with a new medical campaign.

The gospel singer who had to fly out to India to seek medical treatment after what he claims were months of being misdiagnosed with cancer while what he had was an entirely different problem now wants to help others who might find themselves in his predicament.

Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait’s doctors are back with a diagnosis of what ails him

Jimmy Gait announced he will be back on the 14th of September and he will be back with a bang as his symptoms have alleviated after receiving treatment in India.

He, however, had the time to talk with the scores of Kenyans he found there who were silently suffering after being misdiagnosed and rather than moving on with his life, he has decided to take it upon himself to set up a petition that he hopes will change things for Kenyans.

he released the video below explaining in more details what the petition is about: