John Legen has been named 2019’s sexiest man alive by People magazine. I guess that means the rest of us can all just go and jump off a cliff? Just kidding.

chrissy teigen

‘I still find other men attractive.’Chrissy Teigen tells John Legend

John Legend was ecstatic about the announcement, sharing the news on his social media accounts, and captioning the images:

Wow. Thank you, @People#SexiestManAlive

In an interview with People, John Legend said he was excited and alittle scared of the honour.

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Everyone’s going to be picking me apart to see if I’m sexy enough to hold this title,” Legend told People. “I’m (also) following Idris Elba, which is not fair and is not nice to me!”

He follows in the footsteps of the likes of men such as:

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, 47, David Beckham, 44, and last year’s pick, Elba, 47.

And trust his wife Chrissy Teigen to rain on his parade. She shared a photo of their kids looking unimpressed by the honour given to their father: