Last week, word went round that upcoming singer Jovial who came to the limelight thanks to her collaboration with Otile Brown before he announced that he had signed her to his label, JustinLove Music.

It was later announced that she had left Otile Brown’s stable after they recorded a second song:

Otile had invested heavily in his starlet to the point of even buying her a car to use for both her personal and professional needs but last week news rent the air that she had parted company with his label and Jovial was now signed to Hailemind Entertainment or any other record label as others had claimed.

Jovial went on to clarify the following:

“David Guoro who is the CEO of Hailemind Entertainment is just my manager. I don’t intend to be signed anywhere,”

She further clarified that Otile Brown is the one who ended her contract prematurely due to some undisclosed differences.