Joyce Maina

Joyce Maina is still in the grieving process after the tragic loss of her father.

But she has hopes that it shall pass. The worst part she says, is when the wave of grief comes strong, and you have to wade through it or risk drowning in sorrow.

Joyce encourages her followers who may be going through the same situation to allow themselves to go through it but to always make sure they will swim to the shore.

The actress encourages you to not rush the process, take your time because only you can understand what you’re going through.

She said:

“it’s more like a wave that doesn’t carry you very far. other times it’s a big wave that carries you very far. other times it’s a big wave that carries you so deep into the ocean you have to swim so far to get to the shore.”

Joyce Maina lost her father in a tragic accident after he was reported missing for 4 months. The decomposing body of a businessman was found inside his car in a river in Embu. Police believe his car was swept into the river during the flash floods.

‘The Grace of God. ‘Joyce Maina opens up on how she deals with the pain of losing her father

Maina was a businessman dealing with export of horticultural produce. He leased farms in different part of Embu and Kirinyaga where he planted horticultural produce.