Have you ever gone out to a bar and tried to get the bartender to serve you but he focusses more on the Indian or Caucasian patron that walked in after you?

Or have you ever gone out to a bar and sat at a table with your homies and you do not get service until either a white or Indian friend sits at your table?

If you have then chances are this happened to you at J’s. I have been there (because I heard the Thursday nights are lit) but when I got there I realized I prefer going out to Brew for this very reason.

And while the fact that indigenous Africans are treated as second class citizens is treated as a joke at the establishment, it seems they did this to the wrong ones and they got blasted.

It was so bad a situation that they have had to release a press statement addressing the issue:

And the comments on this post showed that Kenyans were not swallowing this explanation:


I got a dose of racism even before I reached the bar. Was from a birthday dinner, my friends and I were like since we were around Westlands we were to go to @jsfreshbarandkitchen when we reached there bouncers were like no all of you cant enter its full. But alas a white couple and other white people were searched and told to enter while we were left in the cold😒. Tell me that’s not racism or if it’s not please give me a name for it. That was disgusting behaviour that happened last year.


Smh… Never gone, never will. #cancelled


Excuse Tf outta me but I refuse to be treated like sht IN MY OWN COUNTRY, or elsewhere for that matter. Bye!💁


Come see nonsense… Please mkipata pesa msiende huku… PS: read thru the comments 😂😂…ati tip culture 🙄🙄


@jsfreshbarandkitchen you should really feel ashamed of yourselves. Just go to @kareltlounge in the Village Market and see how they serve and handle their customers. They discriminate nobody. I have never come across such good service as theirs. They are the best!! So @jsfreshbarandkitchen just know your not the only restaurants Kenyans can dine in. And can someone already start a hashtag for #boycottjsfreshbarandkitchen


Everyone should just give them a 1star review on google.. that will work more than complaining on here


Real story though, this shows just how stupid Kenyans are because in this situation the customers hold all the leverage.

Just stop patronizing places that treat you poorly when you are paying a premium to enjoy your time. But what do I know?