Juma Jux, was the talk of the town after rumours begun to circulate regarding him and his fire mamacita. According to the Tanzanian blogs, he and his bae were having trouble at home.

And all this as Vanessa Mdee his ex is happy in the arms of her man, Rotimi. And I guess that is why the first chance Juma Jux got to show off his relationship, he did so in spectacular fashion.

Juma Jux has shared a sexy photo of himself chilling by a pool in Bali, Indonesia. And my word, this is quite the statement! Check out what he said because as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words:

I am glad he is happy and he can silence all the haters who for some reason want to turn his love life into a competition with Vanessa Mdee -like her sister, ol what’s her name?