Huddah Monroe posted a picture looking like such a shnack in an orange bikini that got the attention of many.

Sadly, due to the amount of exposed skin in that picture, we can not post it here but check her Instagram page in case you want your day brightened like Juma Jux’.

So manz saw this picture and could not keep calm he had to comment and it was not just a normal comment, Juma Jux proved that there is something going on between him and Huddah.

Let me take you back to a few months ago. Huddah was on holiday in Zanzibar (way before Corona stopped reggae) and she was taking videos and pictures of her in a go-cart. All we could see were her feet and a certain man’s feet.

Only for this man to post the same video and we put one and one together. Jux and Huddah were vacationing together.

Now back to the steamy picture. He took to the comment section saying,

 Thanks for the brightness my friend 😂

Huddah replied a few hours later saying,

@Juma_Jux LMFAO Just seen this Fren, miss you friend. Yani sahivi Zanzibar is the best place to be my friend

To which he replied,

@huddahthebosschick kabisa my friend

Now the response to this was what got us like, hmmm.

 “@Juma_Jux see you,” Huddah replied

I do not know why they were throwing the name friend all over. So suspicious right?

‘I don’t want to sleep with you! I have a wife’ Khaligraph tells Huddah

Speaking to Bridget Shighadi, Huddah said that they are just good friends with the Zaidi hitmaker, Juma Jux.

She added that her vacation in Zanzibar with Jux was just but a coincidence as she was there with her boyfriend.

Where there is smoke, there is definitely fire and I see the smoke, so let us just wait to see the fire.

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