vanessa and juma jux

Vanessa Mdee has been a household name for the longest time now. So through her, we came to know of Juma Jux, a man that she had been dating.

In an interview with The XO show, Mdee revealed that at one point she broke up with Jux and entered another relationship, but Jux re-appeared to rekindle their love.

The two were spotted together in public, which led the man to believe that Mdee was going to dump him.

She said;

I was talking to somebody else and that’s somebody else saw the pictures. The guy didn’t wanna talk to me again. 

She confirms that she and Juma are also not an item anymore as he is dating a mzungu chick.

Everything is for a reason and right now we are not together. I think he is very happy in his new relationship, I’m happy for him.

Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux

Mdee revealed that they are not even friends because Jux was unprofessional in releasing their collabo Sumaki.

‘ I cried and didn’t eat’ Vanessa Mdee after break up with Juma Jux

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