Ever since Size 8 got saved, she has constantly shared the word of God with everyone. Don’t believe me? Just check out her posts on social media.

She has stood strong with the word of God and her songs always have a strong message that moves her fans.

When Size 8 composes songs and shoots music videos, she takes her time to make sure that both speak volumes to her fans and her latest music video is even better.

Size 8 has released a brand new song ‘Holy Holy’ and my oh my isn’t this song moving. When you listen to this song, you just find yourself in a worship mood and maybe that is what Size 8 was going for and it worked.

My eyes are full of tears when I listen to this song and actually watch it for it reminds me of the greatness of my God His goodness and love for me. Let’s all take time and worship God in spirit and in truth. My new video Holy Holy now on YouTube link on my bio to God be the glory…..” she wrote on social media.

The most unique thing about this specific music video is that she has used celebrities as video vixens, all dressed in white while she is dressed in black.


Celebrities who have been featured in this music video are Kambua Manundu, Mercy Masika, Dj Ruff, Daddy Owen, Master Piece, Weezdom, Evelyn Wanjiru, Graciela, Man_with_the_bass, DJ Geegee, Laura Karwirwa, Sally Kadot, Weezdom, Kibunja and  Mashmwana,

This song will definitely move you to tears.

Watch it below;

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