Justin Bieber has been accused of lying to cover for his manager Scooter Braun during his for mocking Taylor Swift over her statements against the mogul.

The pop heartthrob, 25, appeared to take umbrage to Taylor’s charges that Scooter ‘bullied’ her in the past, posting a screenshot on Instagram of the manager and Kanye West on a FaceTime call with him in a move to disprove the claim.

But on Sunday, Justin issued an apology to Taylor for his post, claiming that he took a screenshot of the video chat and that Scooter had nothing to do with the post — only for fans to notice one glaring discrepancy in his claims.

On Wednesday, a Twitter user with the handle @Princess_Arella demanded that Justin ‘stop the lies’, after pointing out that if he had indeed taken the screenshot, his face wouldn’t have been in the larger part of the screen, as was the case.

She wrote: ‘in justin’s response to taylor on instagram, he takes full responsibility for his instagram post of him on facetime with kanye and scooter.

‘THEN HOW IS HE THE BIG ONE ON THE SCREEN??????? scooter obviously sent him it and made him post it… STOP. THE. LIES. #WeStandWithTaylor.’ [sic]

Receipts: On Wednesday, an eagle-eyed Twitter user pointed out why she felt that the pop heartthrob wasn't telling the truth in his Instagram post





Source: Daily Mail