If you don’t want to be found in a weird or embarrassing situation, Kaa Rada my friend, because you don’t want Adelle and Shaffie to prank you.

Well, Herbason and Ann were pretty pissed at Adelle and Shaffie.

Shaffie pretended that he was in a relationship with Ann, who was also in a relationship with Herbason.

Herbason was not entertaining Shaffie’s shenanigans as he told him that he needs to learn how to address issues and not just bombarding someone with questions and claims.

Even after he was told that it was a prank, Herbason continued hurling insults at Shaffie, something that escalated really quickly.

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On the other hand, Adelle called Ann and told her to stay away from her husband, Herbason. She claimed that they have two kids together, with Ann stating that they have been together for two years and that she didn’t know that Herbason had a wife.

Well, Ann alikua rada and she put two and two together, revealing she was not falling for Adelle’s prank because she knew it was Kiss 100.

It seems Adelle and Shaffie need to change their acting voices, because Ann could tell she was speaking to Adelle.

Listen to the full clip, that will definitely make your day.

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