Vanessa Mdee has been trolled countless times and mostly because of her dressing. She’s a petite lass who manages to rock different outfits easily.

She’s never been shy to wear short dresses or skirts because as we all know, petite girls can pull it off effortlessly.

vanessa maroon

The outfits she picks for stage performances are also usually quite tiny as she prefers to perform in mostly detailed body suits.

Well, she’s tired of trolls always questioning her every move and what she does and she has finally decided that 2018, she will not entertain any negativity from trolls.

Taking to social media, she blasted haters who question her dressing saying, “Alafu new year, new insults. Kama Unaona navaa uchi, PITA KULE.”

vanessa purple

She also went ahead to shut those who claim that she sleeps aropund with different men, hence her success.

As for the rest of you. Utabaki kusingizia ooooh ana danga, ooooh nimem***baaa, oooooh X,Y,Z, ntakulipia make up AmericanNails SH*NZI.”

And for those who claim that she’s getting old, she has something for you too.

Kama NIMEZEEKA … poa I HEARD U. Pita Kule.”

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