Kambua/ Instagram

If you have been trying to comment on Gospel singer Kambua’s posts, pole she had disabled the section.

Kambua has had it with people sending and posting negative comments on her social media accounts, and so a couple of weeks back she took drastic measures to get rid of y’all.

Kambua/ Instagram

She explains her reasons on a long post saying how people are two faced adding that one moment you’re crucified and the next your praised.

Kambua explained, “So for the last couple of weeks I decided to disable my comments on most of my pictures🚫. I know it frustrated some of you and I appreciate all who slid into my DM to find out what the deal was💁🏾. “

Anyway, this is it. I have been feeling for a while that there are many voices in my life🗣. Most, well-meaning, but still, many.

“It’s so easy to lose yourself even to the applause and admiration of people. Social media is such a crazy place I must say!

“One moment you’re crucified, and the next your praises are sang. Whoa. Such a confusing place to be🙆🏽! I’m learning how to be still. How to be OK without the applause… without the noise. I’m learning that sometimes the voice of The Shepherd can be drowned out by other voices; by the wind, and the storms,” the Tv host said.

Kambua and husband

And that sometimes The Shepherd speaks, but we cannot possibly hear Him above the racket. So how about you try it,” adding, “For me, it’s the socials. For you, maybe it’s noise from somewhere else that you just need to tune out for a while. He is always speaking…are you listening? Love always.”

Well by now, Kenyan celebrities should be used to it and should learn how to ignore and be positive on everything.

Emotions can be dangerous and can destroy oneself.

Other celebrities who are constantly trolled are Betty Kyallo, Lilian Muli who has indicated she has grown a thick skin, and nothing you say can shock or upset her. She has even almost blocked her baby daddy, wewe ni nani?

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