As a lady, you can never go wrong with a cute pair of shoe or shoes and by now, it’s quite clear that women are obsessed with shoes.

The shoe you wear says a lot about you and most times, people are judged by the shoe they choose to step out with.

Heels are a girl’s best friend and the best part is, they go with right about any outfit. But one should never be deceived to just pick any heel to pair with an outfit just coz you can never go wrong with heels.

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For example, you can’t just wear a wedge with any outfit because there are some outfits that just won’t go with the shoe.

One shoe that women have been wearing all wrong is the knee high boot. It does not go with just any outfit. Most ladies who we’ve spotted in knee high boots, prefer to pair them with skinny jeans or sweater dresses that are a few inches higher than the boot, which turn out great.

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Well, Kambua is one fashionable lady and there’s no debate about that. Her dress code is off the chart and we’ve noticed she loves African prints, which in return suit her perfectly.

Kambua/ Instagram

But what we can’t get enough of is her shoe game. This fashionista knows the heels that work for her and the right outfit to pair with.

We took our time and compiled 10 different times Kambua has rocked heels like a pro with minimal effort.

Check them out below;

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