On today’s Morning Kiss, Kamene Goro is concerned about the well being of people now that we have been forced to stay home to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Speaking on Kiss FM, she assured her listeners that she is there for them. She lend an open ear for her listeners because they need to open up and blow up some steam.

Her concern was the mental state of her listeners.  She wanted to know what is driving people crazy.

Kamene listed a few hacks to survived during this time.

“1. Come up with a routine. In this time, you will find your self doing nothing. If you come up with a routine, you know what to do and when to do. It is the best time to try and gain a few new skills. 

2. After every 15 minutes of your chill time, stand up and walk around. See now we are eating a lot more than we usually eat and moving less. So if you walk around, at least your body will be active.

3. Come up with a workout. Start small form 10 sit-ups and 10 push up and keep adding to that daily. Trust me after all this is said and done, you will be slaying when people are filling the gyms to lose weight. 

4. Meditate. At this time we are feeling forced to do something we are not used to nor anticipated. Most of us are now less patient and less tolerant. It gets worse when we find out some news on Coronavirus which leads to anxiety and depression. Meditation will help you Calm down.” Kamene listed

So many people came out to share their sentiments and blow off some steam.

One Paul, a medic said,

What is driving me crazy is that I cannot go and say hi to my girl because I am a medic so I need to be in the hospital and away from her in case of anything.

Another guy called in and mentioned the uncertainty of his job and cooking in the house is what is making him go crazy because he is not sure of tomorrow.

Kamene shared the one thing that is driving her crazy in these tough times.

The fact that I cannot go out to drink and eat because I am a typical bachelor. I cook once in a while. The other thing that drives me crazy is that people who have so much time on their hands and think you want to waste that time with them. I have been added to two WhatsApp groups because people are very idle. And the groups are not of any use.

It is crazy out here but we need to remain hopeful that it will all be over and most importantly, wash your hands and regularly, sanitize and stay home.

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