Kamene Goro is very vocal when it comes to matters “scrubs”.

According to Urban Dictionary, a scrub is a guy who mooches off of everyone else and has nothing going for him in life. Probably still lives with his mama, doesn’t have a car, a job, or a plan.

‘I don’t care about you anymore!’ Kamene Goro shouts at ex boyfriend

I will make sure to ask her why she has so much information about scrubs… But Heniway, she recently posted a funny video about what to do when you meet up with a scrub:

And you best believe that this was a huge problem for Kamene on the social media streets because a whole host of scrubs, women dating scrubs and friends of scrubs jumped on her neck.

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She had to pull a fast one and explain whom she was referring to. Kamene Goro explained that while there is no issue with being broke because we have all been there and it is probably the reason 99.9% of us seek employment, she was speaking in reference to guys who are broke and riddled with issues.

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Pick a Struggle Priss!

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I will leave you with what my mentor told me about dating as a young man: Don’t. Until you get yourself together, do not date. Get your money right, get your head right and when that happens, women will start chasing you and not the other way around.

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