Kamene and Kibe are out here exposing the flows they hate in their partners.

Kamene had an interesting story of the day a guy came to her house with huge and smelly shoes.

“The man comes home in big and nasty shoes, blocks to be precise. Red flag number one. I have OCD, he comes in all the way to my room in the shoes red flag number two. It is at 11 pm and he decided to chomoa his shoes. Then suddenly room became hot and stuffy. The guy was hesitating to remove his shoes because he knew the hef is real.”Kamene narrated

Seeing as the smell was overpowering, and she could not imagine sleeping with such a stench, she decided to take one for the team and remove the shoes. She continued,

I take the shoes all the way outside carrying them with two fingers. I come back and he was so mad. He askes me if I  am trying to say that his feet are smelling. He was so  mad h thr4ew a tantrum and because of that, I told him to get out.

Kamene admitted that she is particular about how a mans hygiene and his looks. Kibe on the other hand thought it was petty of her to chase him out like that.

That is petty you would have opened the windows

Andrew Kibe then gave a list of the four biggest dealbreakers when it comes to ladies.

“For me, if a lady is a smoker I used to be very irritated. It was a deal-breaker and still is a deal-breaker to some extent. Another thing is her nails must be neat. I hate chipped nails. Even a lady who does not make the effort on a date. I mean even as simple as lip balm. And finally a lady who laughs with no plan” Kibe revealed

Andrew Kibe’s clande assaults Kamene in Elementaita

Then Andrew Kibe gave his story, recalling how he went on a trip with a babe who completely surprised him

Another deal-breaker was when I took another girl from Nairobi to another town and she told me it is the red sea time. I was just like what type of nonsense is that?

Throughout the topic, the most common dealbreaker is hygiene.

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