Today on the Morning Kiss with Kamene and Kibe presented the difference between the presenters’ lives.

Kamene went to a school where there was nothing like beating but Kibe explained that when he was in school, it was serious.
They are the ones who used to go looking for a cane and it has to be a good one because if you bring something bad, then the caning would be worse.

“You had to look for your own cane and you had to get a good one otherwise it would be a bigger problem”

Kamene was surprised such things happen because she went to a very civil school as she calls it.

“We were never canned. We had civil rights. My first encounter with violence was with my crazy ex”

This is when you know the haves and the have nots in Kenya. Kamene Goro said the only form of pain was when boys were playing with her bum.

They would bully her by hitting what she calls protruding bum.

“I’ve always been endowed so boys would fold papers and put it in a rubber band and use it to shoot my bum. I would go home with small marks out of the pain”

That’s all she can relate to.