Kamene and kibe are disappointed at the fact that Kenyan male artists are no longer making hard and good music. In reference to Bahati, they were disappointed that Kenyan music is lame and lacks message.

Kamene and kibe wondered why Bahati would stop producing gospel music

maybe bahati saw that willy paul was making much money on the secular music and that was why he switched to secular

‘Never go to a woman’s house!’ Andrew Kibe calls men out

Bahati has most of all disappointed Kamene and kibe with his recent Gengetone music. None of his last randomly produced songs makes sense.

Kibe said;

ama ni ju khalighraph alipata mtoto so amerelax

Kamene and Kibe showed their disappointment at the music being produced by Kenyan male artists today. and most especially with Bahati and his music.

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