While doing a list of the group of people who will be largely affected by Coronavirus pandemic, those whom their birthdays and anniversaries are due featured heavily.

However, with the ‘stay at home’ routine already becoming a normal thing, coupled up with  the on going 7pm to 5am curfew, a number of Kenyan celebrities did not let all that hinder them from celebrating their birthdays.




Nazizi hirji formerly of Necessary noiz group featuring Wyre the love child, became the latest celebrity to see her birthday plans messed by the current coronavirus pandemic.

She reveals that her main goal this year before joining the fourth floor battalion was to wake up on an island at an undisclosed location. 

  She wrote;

Roots daughter Earthstrong giving thanks to the most high I get to see the last year in my 30s. I chose this pic because that’s my birthday mood with the world on lockdown. I was going to wake up on the island but I chose to cancel all plans plus the hotel I booked became a quarantine hotel

With so much uncertainty in this time lets put our faith in the most high JAH and continue to stay at home and wash our hands. Love you all.

  1. Sanaipei Tande

Sana’s birthday fell on 22nd March and it being a Sunday, the singer spent the afternoon enjoying some barbeque and quality quarantine time with her family in Matasia

  1. Mercy Masika’s hubby, David Muguro

Mr. Muguro celebrated his birthday on 18th March and his was made extra special by his wife who did not mince her words while reminded him how much he has made her flourish.

Masika wrote:

Happy birthday to my kindu wakwa… you are the best decision I made 12 years ago….and my life has flourished and continues to under your care…this things are deeeep . @davidmuguro

  1. Kamene Goro

Our very own sassy Kamene, turned an year older on March 24th and as she turned 28, she mentioned that people often think she is a bit older with Kibe supporting that fact and owing it to her maturity.

Celebrating her biggest day she posted;

Happy New Year!!!!!!! It’s official we are 28 now🤦‍♀️ hii uzee naiskia mpaka kwa magoti😥🤭

  1. Wahu Kagwi

Wahu celebrated her 40th birthday on March 22nd and the ever glowing secular turned gospel artist could not help but praise God for the far she had come from.

She posted;

Happy birthday to me! 🥳🥳🥳 When I look over my shoulder, I see evidence of His hand of mercy and favor. And so I know that even as I enter a new year, He will continue to be with me.
Thank you Father for love, life, health, the gift of family and friends..
Thank you my online family for always showing me love

Now that we are encouraging cashless transactions, I’m welcoming mpesa deposits! 😘😘😘 I’m now officially 21 😎😎
I’ve been 18 for too long 😄😄

  1. Betty Kyallo

The mother of one completed a list of royalties born in the month of March and to celebrate this fete, she posted a couple of dope birthday photos which left team mafisi lusting.