In case you were still the last doubting Thomas then the last few posts on Willy Paul’s feed should clear the doubt.

He is now fully a secular artiste. All the wobbly derrieres on his Instagram page got people talking. He now calls himself, ‘The New Willy Pozze’.

Apparently the song he is about to drop is a song that was stolen from him and he has decided to release his version because it is going to be lit.

The song titled Chuchuma is one he says will show us wonders.

Hey guys, welcome to the NEW Willy Pozze, remember when I told you someone stole my song? Well, this is the trailer to the song #CHUCHUMA are you ready to see some wonders?? Just to bring to your attention, the same thief took the song and twisted it to his own version and even featured someone shamelessly!! The same person is planning on realizing another version of the same song but it’s all good, I’m still going to release my song, the reason for the fall out was this person wanted to make my song their own like they always do , when I stood my ground the person blocked me and went ahead to use my song as their own.

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Both artistes will release the song so we wait and see who will do it better but before then, keep it Kiss100 for you to get more information on who the artiste is.

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