Kanze Dena almost ruined her friendship with BFF Lulu Hassan over a traumatic event that shaped how she views life.

Kanze lost her first born child, Natasha Anzanzi when she was three moths old.

“To date, I don’t know what happened to my daughter. I left her with my mum to hustle,” Kanze revealed in an interview with Parents.

Kanze got her daughter at a very young age and she left the child with the mum to go back to college.

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Narrating to the magazine, Kanze said:

“She woke up at night, the one thing that stood out that my mum keeps saying is she never used to pass stool in the night. But this particular night, she woke up and she passed stool. Normally, when she woke up she would be playful but this night she just lay still.

Kanze’s mum panicked, she tried to wake her up.

“The baby came back to life, smiled at my mum and passed out.”

Kanze explained that since they did not have money, there was no postmortem done. The daughter’s sudden death informed her phobia.

“It is my greatest fear handling a 0 to 3 month old baby.”

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In a past event where she was speaking about her life story, Kanze mused, “I began questioning God why he had prevented me from giving up the baby for adoption only to take her away from me. It made me feel like God was punishing me.”

This fear also affected her friendship with Lulu Hassan, and her ability to bond with her second child.

Kanze said, “Even when Lulu had her second born, I was like let me do this. Unknown to her I pulled out to date. She never figured out why I pulled out.”

She added, “To date me and her last born have never bonded as much as her first born. That is because I pulled out. It really got to me. At some point, I found myself always crying I figured the best thing was to stay away. To date,I still cannot handle a 0 to 3 months baby.”

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