Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran has come has come out to strongly condemn people who are using the Coronavirus to discriminate against Asians.

Karrueche’s stand comes barely a day after president Donald Trump was quoted referring to the pandemic as the ‘Chinese Virus,’ a stand that has since drawn great criticism from across the globe.

Through her Instagram, Karrueche whose mother is vietnamese was not impressed and called on people to end xenophobia and not to put a target on the backs of Asians.

In her part, she believes that by doing so this is already instilling more fear and hate into an already worried population.

She wrote;

“Xenophobia is not ok! To target and discriminate Asians is wrong!!” There are Asians afraid to leave their homes! There are people who have already been hurt (I know y’all seen the video of the older Asian man).”

The actress added,

The coronavirus is not the ‘Chinese virus!’ Let’s stop instilling more fear and hate. The world is struggling enough as is it is. Please stop this!!

Back home, a few weeks back, a video of some people harrasing a chinese couple over fears they might have the coronavirus, went viral.

The video saw fellow Kenyans call on their counterparts not to engage in any xenophobic attacks, given the fact that we have quite a number of Chinese nationalities in the country, as well as Kenyans who live in China.