Kate Actress has addressed the case of Valerian Njeri Ndonu whose life was cut short when a criminal, a man attempted to take advantage of her and rape her before he stabbed her, killing her. The story is a rather sad one where a lass, Valerian, borrowed a Chemistry book and when she tried to return it, the guy attempted to proposition her for sex before turning violent.

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And Valerian Njeri Ndonu was a strong girl, she fought back and managed to push the guy off her, before he stabbed. The knife broke off and he retrieved another knife and stabbed her to death. That was how she met her demise, at the hands of a coward but she fought to live and live on in the hearts and minds of those that loved her she will.

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Kate Actress has not just highlighted the story but she has spoken up against this type of bullshit that weak men seek to do; forcing themselves on women. And indeed, 2019 has been a terrible year with too many stories breaking the headlines on newspapers, on TV and the internet.

My heart is shattered Into pieces 💔😔, Not another soul dear lord ! We must condemn acts of FEMICIDE in the strongest words possible . We must do something! This girl didnot deserve this . What have we turned into???? What are teaching our sons ? They must know and respect that a A NO means NO ! May your precious soul rest in peace Njeri , calling for JUSTICE ! My soul is heavy , praying for your family 🙏🏿