Kate Actress has been showing off the pregnancy glow and thriving in it. Okay, as per her social media posts.

Though last week she mentioned that it has not been easy this last trimester of her pregnancy.

She may look like she is glowing but in that oven, so much drama is going on. She took to social media saying she needs a lot of strength because it is not an easy journey.

Looking above for strength because third trimester is a full year 😩… ata kama niku bake si ataungua 😔…

Kate Actresses’ husband Phill has been a present guy in her pregnancy journey. I mean manz even took her for a vacation to the Maldives.

Just recently they went for a date and Phill was busy on his phone smiling and this got Kate wondering, who is he talking to?

He said he was buying electricity tokens but she does not believe him.

Aiiii ati analipa Tokens 👀…. wadau nianze kujipanga ama? @phil_director Hao watu wa token ni wa interesting aki wauuuuu 🙄
DaddyK Squared 😍

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He has not commented on this but from the love they have for each other, it shall be well.

We can’t wait to see their baby and be sure Kiss100 will be on top of the story for you.

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