Kate Actress is a few months away from giving birth. She is on her last trimester and it is not easy.

She may look like she is glowing but in that oven, so much drama is going on. She took to social media saying she needs a lot of strength because it is not an easy journey.

Looking above for strength because third trimester is a full year 😩… ata kama niku bake si ataungua 😔…

Kate Actresses fans found out about the great news of her pregnancy a bit too late. She shocked her fans with pictures from her baby bump shoot with Phillip Karanja, her husband.

She kept it away from the public eye because she was working on the recently launched series, Maempress where she acts pregnant. More reason for us to tune in and watch.

This is the actress’ second pregnancy and she keeps saying this time she is ready to be a mother. During her first pregnancy, she was a teenager who was confused and depressed because she had no support.

‘I was traumatized’ Kate Actress on her fear of getting baby number two

Just recently, Kate took to social media with a reality many people hide; being a teenage mother is not easy and she wants people to stop encouraging this because eventually, it messes up with everyone’s life

She has been advising women on how to balance work and family to make sure all are catered for with full attention.

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