Victoria Rubadiri lost her grandfather recently and this has been one of her lowest moments considering the relationship the two had.

Eulogising her grandfather, Victoria posted that she was proud of the legacy he left and would carry his name with pride.

Her grandfather the late Professor David Rubadiri was a Vice Chancellor at the University of Malawi.

She posted after his death saying,

This literary giant now rests. Prof. David Rubadiri breathed his last today, but his words continue to inspire so many across this great continent. His legacy is one I could never live up to. The name he gave me is one I will continue to carry with pride. Rest in peace Babu.

Citizen TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri loses a loved one

He has been laid to rest today and based on his well vast educational background, Victoria Rubadiri shared a poetic goodbye message saying:

Your roaring laughter that lit up a room and undeniable presence that commanded attention are two defining characteristics we’ll continue to hold in our hearts.

We would chuckle when this stoic figure would break character and move majestically to Bach, Beethoven or Mozart. Though the burden of your labour was heavy you never shied away from an opportunity to take a load off and get lost in the percussions of such musical masters.
You were a force to be reckoned with across this great continent. But that force would be magically subdued in our presence when you were just Babu.
You were a brilliant mind who wrote to challenge the status quo, uplift the common man and remind us that freedom was always worth the fight.
Your words took residence in the hearts and minds of so many and changed lives ensuring that your mark on this world would never be forgotten.
You were larger than life and even in death still are. You continue to challenge us and inspire us to take up the mantle and do the Rubadiri name proud.
Babu, thank you for laying down the blueprint and showing us how it’s done. And so here is our commitment to carry on an immeasurable legacy in honour of a life well lived.
We love you. Rest In Peace

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