Nero CEO, Anerlisa Mugai has revealed that she prefers living a private life away from the limelight.

A bit ironic considering she puts out to the public her day to day life from the weekly QnA segment on social media to her feed where she is constantly showing off her man, Ben Pol. They even went an extra mile and opened a social media page that is just about the two of them.

A fan told her she would be happy to see her featured on Betty Kyallo’s segment Up Close with Betty. She responded saying:


The story on Anerlisa declining to be on Betty’s show caught some people’s attention. She then had to address the nation to clear the air that there is no beef between the two empowered ladies. Anelrlisa claims that people are trying to make making a mountain out of a molehill.

I am all about women empowerment and it’s really saddening when I see certain stories go round. I made a light comment about why I did not want to show my life on tv and that’s because I prefer my life private now but you media people just want to create conflict between BK and I. What does my birthday have to do with my show appearance? Yes, I did say about not been wished happy birthday but really…is that even news? I mean I also don’t remember their birthdays until they post about it… please keep me out of your dramas/created stories and shout out to @bettymuteikyallo for your amazing show, I wish you nothing but the best and to every woman out there trying to make ends meet, I pray daily that we all make it to the top 🙏. #OnlySpreadingLove

Something that also caught our attention was that both Anerlisa and her fiancé Ben Pol have deleted photos from their introduction ceremony from their respective Instagram accounts. The photos were posted between January 27 and February 5.

‘You don’t know him!’ Anerlisa Muigai defends Ben Pol’s love intention

Parents of the 31-year-old CEO and Ben Pol’s met on January 26 at a private ceremony that was held at an undisclosed place in the city.

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