Zari has received an unmitigated apology from Kenya Airways for the loss of her luggage after her epic rant against KQ went viral.

Zari accuses KQ of stealing her luggage in blistering statement release

It would seem whoever it s that handles KQ’s social media pages caught wind of the negative publicity they had received -and they would be among the 6.5 million people Zari spoke directly to.

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The apology was issued on Twitter where they spoke directly to Zari’s Twitter account and they asked Zari to furnish them with her travel details so they can try and help her find her property:

Dear Zari, we desire for all our customers to have a positive experience. We’ve reached out to you to obtain your travel details to enable us to coordinate w/ the management at the airports of transfer (JHB, JKIA and EBB) to establish what happened. We kindly await your response

Here’s hoping this situation can be dealt with in a timely fashion and both parties involved, Zari and KQ can get to a solution that pleases them both.