Results from various polling stations indicating who has won are streaming in. What has caught the attention of many voters is that the newly elected leaders are young, there are more women elected and it is so amazing.

Well one MP elect is trending all for his good looks. The Langata MP elect is Nixon Korir who won on a Jubilee ticket. But that’s besides the point. What is interesting is that girls are really losing it over his good looks.

Nixon Korir refers to himself as Generali, and it will be interesting to see how he works for the people of his constituency.

Anyway here are photos of the sexy MP, poleni mafisilets he is married. Check them out and you’re welcome. Also check out tweets from twitter hunnies thirsting after him.

nixon korir 2


nixon korir and a fan

nixon korir langata mp elect

nixon korir

nixon korir with his wife campagning

nixon korir ontop of a car campaigning

nixon korir campaigning

nixon korir wife

nixon koriri voting




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