Dear fellow African, be warned to tread carefully before dissing Kenyans on twitter.

For one, they will take their time to bring the whole country down. And two, they never give up a fight especially one started on twitter.

Citizens from the two countries on Twitter have gone head-on since last night and it does not look like it is going to end soon.

They are comparing each countrys celebrities like Nadia Mukami and Shomadjozi, Uhuru Kenyatta and the South African president. Hell, these two countries have gone ahead to compare the currencies.

As usual, Stevo Simple boy has never missed a twitter scandal. Oh, and King Kaka has been termed the Kenyan rapper compared to another South African rapper.

Kenyans on twitter have time on their hands, and creativity. See screenshots we have captured of the disses.

Which country do you think will win this twitter battle?

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