Kenya has some of the greatest talents, who have proved they are good at what they do over the years. We have witnessed our very own artistes winning awards left right and center as some get nominated but don’t bag the award; just getting a nomination is actually an achievement.

Well our very own Makadem is smiling as he revealed that his song Nyako (Daisho Remix) with Behr was nominated for Track of the Year at Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards 2018.

Speaking to Kiss FM, he explained how the song got nominated.


I did this song with DJ Behr who is a producer and an artiste, he’s a South African white. While in the UK the track was taken by a label called On The Corner Records. When it got to On The Corner Records it started going wild, so many remixes and they’ve been tagging me and showing me the developments and then they released it and of course you know such songs now ended up with Gilles Peterson whom I’m told is like the Maina Kageni of huko. Then it was put on a competition for top 20 globally, then it became number 6 and from there is when it was nominated to compete as track of the year.”

When asked how he feels after the song got nominated, he said, “Its kinda salt and sugar because It’s very bad when you get such a nomination and your fellow artistes just ignore you when you tell them about it. But also it’s sugary because I was wowed like how did I even get here, so I feel salty and sweet.”

You can visit Worldwide FM to vote for Makadem for Track of the Year.

Here’s his famous song;

  • Fascinated
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Bored
  • Afraid