Kenzo is one of the few artistes who’ve managed to remain relevant in the music industry despite the many challenges that come along with the career. And just so you know, I’m not talking about the Ugandan artiste Eddie Kenzo. I’m referring to our very own Kenzo Matata…the original Kenzo.


He was recently in studio with Adelle and Shaffie, where he dropped his new hit single ‘Niambie”.

Kenzo has been in the industry for the past ten years, after his mum passed on. He says that he got into the music industry by default. He used to sing in the house with his guitar before a friend of his invited him to sing at his brother’s wedding, who happened to be the one running Ogopa Deejays.

The friend’s brother asked him to go try something out at the studio and he agreed, as he had nothing to lose.

“I went to the studio maze napatana na magwiji. Kina Nameless, akina Longombas” He says.

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His breakout was his song  “Mama Milka” and life for him has changed since then. However, after being in the industry for quite sometime, collaborating with MC fullstop for his song “Jiwachilie” and other projects…he went on a music hiatus for a while.


Kenzo made another major come back with his hit song ” Wapi’, whose reception was quite outstanding.

Other hits Kenzo is recognized for are Zam Zam, Kidogo Tu, Nyoso, Jiwachilie featuring MC Fullstop, Maintainance Fee featuring Canibal and “Na Bado” featuring Maida.


About his latest track “Niambie”, matata hii! It is a definite hit. Kenzo  says that it was inspired by a personal experience. It talks about on and off relationships, and the man asking to be told where they stand.

“It is a personal story” he says ” There’s a time I was dating but ni zile za in and out. This time you guys are good, mara mmekosana, mara mko pamoja, mara hamtaki kuonana. Nikashindwa ah! Hizi ni gani tena? Sa unaambia dame ‘Niambie tuko wapi’ “.

The video to the song will be out in two weeks, but the audio is a must listen!

He also has another song coming through dubbed ” Vumilia’, which you just have to wait for a short while before it is out.

And oh.. for those who’ve been claiming beef between Kenzo and Ugandan Eddy Kenzo, well he confirmed that it is not true.