Kenyan socialites, slay mamas and random lasses all wanted a Nigerian man just a hot minute ago but ever since Huddah began denouncing them, they have started having a change of heart.

Huddah defends Kenyan men and viciously disses Nigerian men

But you see, the thing is, Huddah wasn’t always bitter about Nigerian and West African men. There was a time she was sweet on them. So what then happened to change this? What happened to sour alot of Kenyan celebrities and socialites to Nigerian and West African men? Well, let’s get into it and look at each case.

Bridget Achieng

Former socialite Bridget Achieng decries the lack of good men outchea

She was left high and dry and with a baby to show for it. Bridget really likes Nigerian and West African men and their culture. She talks with a Nigerian accent and likes Nigerian food. So when she found herself a “Nigerian (or was it Ghanaian?) Prince”, we wouldnae be allowed to live our lives in peace.

Bridget Achieng finally reveals the face of her famous baby daddy (PHOTO)

Then her man impregnated her and left her and that is the cut and thrust of it.

Vera Sidika

bridget yomi
Bridget Achiend and Yommy

Vera had a sweet tooth for Naija men. Wherever omo Naija were, you could be sure Vera was skulking somewhere in the vicinity. It also helped that Naija men love her full-figured body type. She, however, landed a man who allegedly battered her. She leaked a video of herself running away from the man, Yommy Jones, in Dubai where he was allegedly trying to lay paws on her.


Make no mistake about it, Huddah used to constantly fly out to Nigeria and it wasn’t for her Nollywood premier. This one is alittle tricky as there was a meeting of coincidences; Nigerian men tired of her as she found a new market for her trolloping ways in Europe.


Remember socialite Pesh? She is in a Ghanaian prison for drug trafficking. Here is what happened to her

This is the saddest story in the list. Pesh was tricked into smuggling drugs into Ghana by her Nigerian lover who melted away into thin air when she was caught.

Lisa Gaitho

remember the lass who trended when she told the world about how she bathes her husband? Aye, she’s single again and what’s more, she found religion. While I think she was right on the money about how she treated her man, I would also like to point out that she was very right in her assertions on how to treat a high quality man.

I had an STI: Things you did not know about Lisa Gaitho