Over the years, we have received news of celebrities being involved in accidents, with some dying and others surviving.

One of the accidents that shook Kenya was E-Sir’s accident which took away his life, at a time when his music career had grown.

Well, there are other celebrities who have been involved in grisly road accidents but are lucky enough to have lived to see another day.

Here are celebrities who have counted themselves lucky;


In March 16th, 2003, Kenyans lost one of the greatest artistes of all time, E-Sir real name Issah Mmari.

He was on his way back to Nairobi together with Nameless from a concert at Afraha Stadium, Nakuru town, to help promote his debut album.

Unfortunately, they got into an accident and we lost E-Sir, but Nameless survived to see another day.

His death really affected Nameless and in a recent interview with Word Is he said, ”

Moving on without him was hard for some moment. My wife always tells me that something in me changed. It took me back and I remember going to perform a song in his remembrance. I remember when performing, I still had an injury but getting on stage and the love I felt for E-Sir just made me say that despite him going, I had to keep the fire going.”


In 2014, Kenyan female rapper Wangechi, was involved in an accident after the car she was in with two of her friends had a tyre burst and lost control.

The accident which took place at 7 AM in Lavington, on Sunday morning, sent Wangechi to ICU and claimed the life of one her friends by the name Tionna Lyssa.

Colonel Mustafa

Last year, Colonel Mustafa was involved in an accident after the car he was in veered off the road and rolled into a ditch, leaving him with neck and arm injuries.

Mustafa was rushed to Nairobi Hospital, where he received treatment and went back home, where he is recuperating.

In an interview with Word Is, he explained, “I was with my two friends when the accident occurred. I was coming from a show at a club in Kahawa West and was heading to Gateway in Mlolongo to catch the Mayweather vs McGregor fight.”

Luwi Capello

On August, 2017, Kenyan actor Luwi Capello escaped death by a whisker after he was involved in a grisly accident in Kilifi on his way to Mombasa. The accident was so bad that he was in the ICU for long. But the handsome lad is grateful today that he survived.

In a past post, he thanked his brother for saving his life.

Meet my younger brother @sammkomorah this is one innocent guy who put all his strength to save my life when I was in an accident & in a comma he got my ass out of the car & made sure i got to the hospital on time he saved my life & forever i will appreciate him what al do for him God knows because this life i thank God & him for it & its only God who gives & takes life… thanks young bro brother for life 💣💣….

Betty Kyallo

She always bubbly and smiling, but at one time in her life, Betty was involved in a nasty accident.

In 2005, while she was still in High School, she had a life threatening situation.

While crossing the road from Railway Station to Gill House in Nairobi, on my way to meet up with a friend for lunch, I was hit by a Double M bus. I fell to the ground and I was dragged under. I was a mess. I fell on my left side and injured half myself badly. I broke my left elbow and jaw; I fractured my collar bone and four ribs deflated my lungs and half of my face was grazed,” she explained in a past interview.

Betty was hospitalised for two months and recovering was not an easy job.But look at her now. She’s one of the most celebrated media personalities in the country.

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Papa Dennis

A few months ago, Papa Dennis was involved in a nasty road accident that almost left him for dead. This happened just a few days after he had celebrated his birthday. Well, he’s well and still doing what he does best, release songs.

Timmy Tdat and Kush Tracey

The once celebrity couple Timmy Tdat and Kush Tracey in 2016, were involved in a grisly road accident near Maasai Mall in Rongai.

They survived the ugly crash and were rushed to Sinai Hospital for treatment. It was reported that they were heading back home from a show in Thika.

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