if you are looking to go natural with your hair then these are the celebrities to look up to. I mean short hair is the new trend in town.

First off, it saves you time when you are getting prepared in the morning. plus, you will look absolutely amazing without wearing a 40 thousand wig from Brazil.

In a generation where being plastic is the trend, let us at least get one thing right, maintaining the African look with nappy African hair.

here are a few celebrities who show you just how to rock short hair.

Joy Kendi

For as long as we can remember, Joy Kendi has always worn her hair short. She looks cute and amazing and I doubt she would ever change her looks for any other.

Wahu Kagwi

The famous singer and wife to Legend Nameless, has always worn her hair short, while her husband has long locks. She keep the color of her short beautiful hair black, and it’s quite something to gaze at.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah is quite the role model when it comes to hustle and beauty. The famous cosmetics entrepreneur and socialite has always looked completely amazing in her short hair. I do not remember a time I have seen her wearing anything else.

To be honest, if we all wore short hair, men out here would not be complaining about expenses or waiting at the salon. but again, not everyone looks good in short hair. find your taste.

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