Kenyan producer and video director Richie-G releases brand new jam ‘Rainbow’

The mellow voiced Kenyan artiste/producer and video director Richie-G is bringing back his musical groove after a seven months break, with this new compelling love song “Rainbow,” leading the way.
Rainbow is a song that people who are in love can dedicate to each other, in his own words – “There is no true definition of what love is but one can express it, and in this scenario we referred to love as a rainbow, so colorful and lovely, brightens up dull moments and makes the world go round.”
Richie-G is a Kenyan Afro-dance-hall musician, Video Director and Music Producer who says art and music have always been a part of his DNA. He started singing from way back in high school, recorded his first song in 2003 but did his first video in 2007.
The affable singer/video director, has been privileged to work with various artistes as an artiste and as a producer.
As an artiste,he did a song with Naiboi called “Agenda”, as a music producer, he has produced a few audios for King Kaka, Femi One and as a video director, he has done videos for Guardian Angel, Oga Obinna, Jimmy Gait, Kelele Takatifu and many more.
Here’s the video;

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