Kenyan women are hurt! Huddah is the source of the hurt after she decided to start our morning with a rather common-sense statement on body positivity.

“Stop promoting obesity!” Huddah yells at feminists and social justice warriors

Just to recap, earlier in the morning, Huddah announced to Kenyan women that while pbody positivity is a good thing, we should stop kissing ourselves and promoting obesity and unhealthy lifestyles in the name of not body shaming.
In truth, what she said is the truth! Being overweight, fat or obese is not healthy and it promotes lifestyle diseases like diabetes but sadly people refuse to change their lifestyles until they get a limb amputated.

Problem is, Huddah has attracted so much hate especially for fat women that she has not even responded. Why? Because KOT has pulled out the troll hammer as they are known to do and here is a small snippet of what Huddah’s detractors had to say:

Hapan tambua panty?! Huddah goes nude to market her new line of cosmetics