Kenyans can be… I will not finish that statement with what I had in mind because I might end up being deported due to my links to the west of Africa. But Kenyans are indeed an interesting bunch. You celebrate your own only when they are winning. Eliud Kipchoge was a nobody until the world took note of his physical prowess. Now everyone wants to talk about him.

Magix Enga likewise is a very talented producer. He is a young lad who has produced alot of the songs Kenyans have had a good time listening to and one of them was damn near a national anthem especially for summer bunnies; Dundaing.

Kenya to the world! Magix Enga launches his studio worth 5 million

He has been hard at work and he has been using the money he makes from his craft to reinvest back to his craft. And as such, you can imagine that he keeps getting better because he is all about honing his craft.

And the work he has put in is getting alot of attention. So when he said Harmonize had jacked his beats, you best believe we took note.

Magix Enga exposes Harmonize for using his beat in ‘UNO’

Harmonize has not bothered to respond and at this point, I am convinced he is just incapable of answering any goddamn questions.

How Harmonize secretly jetted into Kenya and upset his fans and the media

Anyway, Kenyans were the first to attack Magix Enga. They went on to say this:


Na wewe uliitoa kwa Olamide-Motigbana na hakuna mwenye alicritisize calm down bruv everyone is trying has his fucking share of this cake…..


Bro we ulichukua hii sample from olamide so relax maze


If #dundaingand #motigbana had a baby


Nothing similar hapo..wivu tu juu audio imegonga 1.5M less than two weeks.Plus,A list producers/artists sample other’s music-hii yako ya ligi small sasa?relax and bring something new..Ndundaing ilichapa.


Hii ni ile story ya pwagu na calm down bro😂😂😂