King Kaka released a spoken word performance that saw him call out Kenya’s political class, called Wajinga Nyinyi. For the uninitiated, this title is Swahili for calling a bunch of people morons. The poem mentioned certain Kenyans whom the citizenry have been muttering about the source of their wealth or the nature of how they conduct themselves.

King Kaka the toast of the town with his politically woke new song Wajinga Nyinyi

King Kaka basically held up a mirror for Kenyans as a proper artiste is supposed to do. And this has earned him the ire of Kenyan political leaders with Waiguru threatening to sue the rapper:

Waiguru goes after King Kaka over his song Wajinga Nyinyi

Kenyans on Twitter have shared their feelings on the matter and the perceived bullying of King Kaka with many of them siding wit the rapper and even creating a hashtag to push this agenda, #WaiguruSuesKingKaka and #IStandWithKingKaka: