Kenyans can be savage! And sometimes, it really is warranted.

You see, Ringtone has been up and down the city’s capital crying about wanting a good, high-value woman with whom he could settle down with.

But it would seem Kenyans are over his latest gimmick and they are letting him know as much.

Apparently, Ringtone has been inundated with direct messages on Instagram from ladies wishing to try their luck at winning him as their husband but it doesn’t seem like he has any interest in any of these lasses.

He took to social media with yet another whiny post about wanting a wife which even Christina Shusho responded to but that was as far as the positive interactions went:

christinashusho: Niko nao wengi hapa dreamers Center, kuja nakupatia mmoja 😀😀😀.  Sasa maombi yame jibiwa, nangoja nione mwaume, jitutumue kaka.


J Blessing also jumped into the fray and commented:

Ngong Kuna Ngombe na mambuzi.

Your searching at the wrong places bro.

From here, this is how things went:

You are such an attention seeker unatubore


this guy really sucks bigtime 😑


@christinashusho kijana ndiye huyu ukaimba naye wimbo wa tenda wema nenda zako, lakini yeye ameenda Ngong !


Hakuna Kitu Mbaya Kama Mzazi Kuuza Ng’ombe ili Asomeshe Ng’ombe ingine.

if you know 😂😂💦


In the meantime tafuta arimis….. hio haiumizi ngozi bro 😌😌


Wwe si bibi unataka nlikuDM


😹😹Akii tenaa labda ata ni peer pressure maybe😹😹

ama natakaa publicity @ringtoneapoko ebu elaborat


Yesu pia hakua na bibi na hakuwahi kusumbua watu hivi


Seek the kingdom of God first and everything else will added unto you…


Yours is too much yawaa


Nonsense! Attention seeker


Aliyekuroga mwili wake ilikua cremated na jivu kutupwa kwa choo