Kenyans always have opinions they want the world to hear and acknowledge. It is not different with the rumours circulating that Betty Kyallo might just be pregnant. You can read about that below:

Betty Kyallo

Is Betty Kallo pregnant? She has stepped out and left fans playing the guessing game

And some of the comments as can be expected are hilarious. Kenyans are asking Betty Kyallo to step forth and either deny or confirm the rumours but first, they want you to see what they have to say about the possible Betty Kyallo pregnancy.

Personally, I am on the fence about this because I do not know whether this Betty Kyallo “pregnancy” is a food baby or an actual child but what I do know is that Betty Kyallo does have a bae and they went on vacation together so… We could say they are working at making things serious. And who knws? given we saw him give Betty Kyallo an expensive watch as a gift, he just might have the cabbage to keep Betty Kyallo sated:

Betty Kyallo

Check out Betty Kyallo’s KShs 4.6 Million Gold Audemars Piguet

Check out some of what Kenyan had to say about the possible pregnancy below:


• Charity Njerl 4 days ago Yeeeesss I also noticed that
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• James Mathenge 4 days ago ….huyu gangster amechoma angejua vile nimemezea Betty0fla .6 qi REPLY
• C Maina 4 days ago Kabsaaaa.mi pia
,fr 9. REPLY O Caro Lina 4 days ago Yes she Is 9. REPLY 0 The bigger The Better 3 days ago Hata mimi rve seen that katumbo shukud Ili 4. REPLY
• Maxwel Mwangi 3 days ago Hehe, sasa Betty akienda maternity leave nani atafanya show?
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O Alicia Mutheu 2 days ago Aki sahi ndlo naona

Scott Nevis 5 days ago My gangster points have increasedjuu nimenotice Betty ako na ballet 99 Hide replies O Joys Mum 5 days ago .6 q. REPLY O Vera Nyokabi 5 days ago (edited) Gai watu wako na jicho mbona sioni A, 4 qi REP,
O Mary Anne Mwangi 4 days ago Umeona wapi
q. REPLY O anne anyango 4 days ago Napo 3.46 ikiendelea
2 q. REPLY O Branzweit chero 4 days ago I saw it too q. REPLY