President Uhuru Kenyatta was photographed driving himself on Sunday afternoon around town.

The photos was captured by Dennis Itumbi and posted on his social media.

In the photo you can see Uhuru is stuck in traffic and their is a woman – many believe to be a beggar – talking to him through the window.

Uhuru cracked the window of his Mercedes G-Wagon just a bit to be able to hear what the woman was telling him.

It is not clear if he gave him some money or any of his aides or bodyguards did.

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One Kenyan whose name is Eddy_wahome_kenya on Instagram analysed the situation.

“Let me try and interpret what my eyes can see.
1. I see Mr.president.
2. The photographer of this photo must be the publisher here on Instagram or rather a state official.
3. The vehicle in which the photographer is in has airbags on its window frames. Most likely this is a Landcruiser 2017…commonly owned by government officials and close protection security
4. The side mirror revels a battalion of plain clothes police escorts in possibly three vehicles trailing the president,and assuming on the other side it’s the same…maybe downgraded a little to fit into the “family cars” on the roads.
5. The security personnel being seen from the side mirror seems too concerned with the unknown woman on the “drivers” windscreen.

Which begs the question.

“Why can’t they let our president just be human for a day and experience the normal life that we live without flooding him all over then P.R on social media?”

Adding, “Mr.president next game ya Harambee Stars tunakualika kwa terraces tuwatch game pamoja.”

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Here are some more reactions by Kenyan online.

e.njomo: This is so fantastic. At times it is good to break away from protocol and enjoy leisure. Greet the president @ukenyatta

njerimuthaka: At times there is so much happening around H.E we forget he is also human who loves his quality time..he loves his beer, he loves driving and most of all he enjoys spending time with his family …. #Kenya001

keem_money: Wow! In a Gwagon 😎🔥🔥 I would go insane if I spotted him in traffic 😂

switkami: The president? Driving all alone? Nairobi traffic? Nairobi roads? Driving himself? And @dennisitumbi ,you got the guts to post such on social media?

shikunginyo: Next time he’ll definitely not drive out in a G-wagon.😂😂 awesome though i bet it can be very boring to be driven around throughout and have half of Nairobi cops watching out for you. Which road is this?? I wanna start selling bananas on this Road.

collins.ochieng: @switkami my sister the president is also human,…he also needs a time to drive his cars,meet his non government friends and so on.afteral protection comes from God only

lilian_muthungu: We all need some time alone. 👏

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