Stivo Simple Boy went from being a meme to being a star and I for one am happy for him. He is a rapper from Kibera who first released a song called Vijana tuwache mihadharati (Youth, let’s stop using drugs).

Stivo Simple Boy is back with yet another jam, I lift him higher

Kenyans have shown support for his recent release. and I am happy to say this video is well on its way to setting records of all sort.

Check out what they had to say:


Modan Ayeye
Hii ni kali…lets make it to 1m views…blessings stivo 🔥🔥🙏😇


Shiabuya Shiabuya
Finally a breath of fresh air in Kenya’s Gospel industry and ministry.He is the next big thing watch this space and take this to the bank Luke 19:40 Piga like if you believe he is destined for greatness.


Abdifatah hassan noor Noor
Stivo simple boy is better than willy paul Nyonyo💪🙏like hapa if u Agree


Erick Mwenda
Simple Never Disappoints….He was deciding on the Genre. Wapi Likes!!


Ngaruiya Mbugua
Stivo I was was contemplating of suicide then I accessed YouTube and this song popped in my recommendations. I am not dying. And thank you for this.❤ You give me hope😢😢😢😢😢

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Vinn Antonnins
Snydder has made the music look so real with the voice…alafu mistari ya stivo inaiblend perfectly


mathew kipleting
Exactly Stevo God will lift you higher kama unapenda hii song piga like


Paul Aultiz
He has a unique style of writing his songs…he’s just unique…big up simple boy…💯✔✔


Winslet Muriithi
May God lift you higher simple boy….. You’re such a blessing into our life……. I love your simplicity en your message is so inspiring❣️❣️🙏🙏


Ng'ang'a WamaithaTv
Accept my sincere salute Simple Boy!This exceptionally good.💯


Paul Kenda
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they challenge you, then they fight you, then you win, then they appreciate you, then they set you as an example. Never underestimate the power of vision, determination, and prayer.


selvin atieno
Kind of song we can proudly listen to anywhere anytime. God bless you Stevo


slim Pirate
This guy got talent,ideas all he need is our support 👏👏🤭🔥🔥🔥❤️


Allan Mwangi
Stivo saying “aaah ni jemedari ” did more for gospel music than Poze’s entire career!!!!!!


Somali Suldan
After 15yers of the death of E-Sir Kenya music came back with Simple Boy. Congrats Vi-vijanaa.


We are proud to present another one from Stivo Simple Boy ft Snydder, a talented vocalist from Kibera.


Sketch Artist
One thing I love about Stivo is the fact he’s Real. Hip hop is all about being real, being you. No ghostwriters. Just by listening to his lyrics you know he definitely wrote them on his own. He might not have flow, killer rhymes or punchlines but you feel the passion in him, I like that. He will soon perfect I believe. Rap is the hardest thing to write and he has proved to be better than Msupa S and Cashy. The moment you don’t write you lyrics you not an MC, you ‘just a rapper’. Well done Stivo, keep working.

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I really love this energy….May God continue showering you with his blessings


dennis sam
Finally God’s remnant for gospel such a fresh air of music keep doing your thing Boy!Baraka


Sunny Moh
OMG, Stevo is completely outstanding ,i really admire his voice pitch, performance, happy face ,good tempos powerful lyrics….🙏🙏🙏..Can’t stop crying…😥😥😥 ,God bless You ,Sure you’re THE Gpro