My music is life, is how she describes her music. Kenya’s newest music sensation Gin Ideal, aka Virginia Maina was hanging out in studio with Breakfast with the stars presenters Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru, where she opened up about her private life and career.

Her song dubbed Rede, a remix featuring ragga dancehall singer Wyre is her most famous to date. But before that she did Wapewe with Kenrazy and I want you with Visita.

She has also released another song dubbed Tumepatana.


Is she available? Hey team mafisi here is her answer below.

Q – Where is her name from Adelle sought to know?

A – I have never tasted alcohol. My real name is Virginia, so in school everyone called me Gin to them that was the short for Virginia.

So I just took it up.


Q – The remix with Wyre, how did that happen?

A – Three months after it’s release, Refigah convinced me to do something to push it. We were considering some Ugandan artistes. But along the way I bumped into Wyre at a function where we got to talk about my music, as he was also another artiste I wanted to work with.


Q – Who inspired your new song Kuna Kitu

A – (laughing) You know in life, even if it’s not one person. I’m just being real. There are times when you meet someone and the connection is just so good and you can’t really explain what it is you feel for this guy you just feel kuna kitu.


Q – So who is this guy?

A – It was a moment. Ha ha ah. Shaffie niwache.

Q- Are you single?

A – I’m dating someone. Giggling”Yes I’m taken, and….pauses

Q- Is it someone we know, is it someone in the industry?

A – Giggling.

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