Georgina Muteti, Khaligraph’s baby mama is sending a strong message to her man’s ex.

She took to social media a post which looked like she was addressing Cashy who accused Khaligraph of violence in their relationship.

Georgina wrote:

we might have had the same guy but we definitely didn’t have him the same way…remember that…

And she added;

Iwe funzo (let this be a lesson).

This comes days after Cashy opened up about her abusive relationship with Khaligraph. She went from media house to media house explaining it in details.

It was not all about exposing him, it was about creating awareness and to let women know that in case they find themselves in such a situation it best if they leave.

Days later, Khaligraph released a track which brought a lot of controversies. From the lyrics, it was assumed that it was a direct blow to Cashy.

‘Be careful the lies you choose to tell’ Khaligraph’s baby mama sends a warning to Cashy

Georgina is expectant and will soon be a mother to Khaligraph’s baby.

They have not revealed the gender but keep it for more details on the baby shower, delivery and more.

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